Ameritech Global Assistants

In general, we take care of those tasks that are extremely vital to a company. Administrative, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, etc. By using our Virtual Assistants, this will allow business owners and executives to focus more on important tasks to grow the business.

Below are the main reasons why we can help our clients to adapt to the ever-changing climate of the business world.

Customer Service

  • Phone reception duties including filtering of voicemails and callbacks
  • Email: Sending, filtering, replying and forwarding
  • Transaction processing and invoicing

Office Coordination

  • Meeting scheduling
  • Appointment setting
  • Travel arrangement bookings
  • Sending reminders

Accounting & HR

  • Accounting system posting and maintenance (accounting system license not including)
  • Billing and collections
  • Assist with talent recruitment
  • New hire orientation
  • Assist with Client onboarding
  • Enforcement of policies
  • Employee timekeeping and scheduling

Sales & Marketing

  • Selling (via phone or email): New customers, repeat sales and upselling
  • Offering customer solutions over phone or webinar
  • Assist with Sales Presentations
  • Lead Generation
  • Assist with content and preparation of marketing materials i.e. brochures, flyers, presentations, digital ads, websites, explainer videos

Supply Management

  • Inventory maintenance and reporting
  • Supply maintenance and ordering
  • Vendor maintenance and management

CRM Management

  • Updating and maintenance of database including scrubbing of leads via DNC database (if contacting residential customers)
  • Adding new contacts
  • Logging of activities in spreadsheet or CRM (CRM licenses not included)

What is the advantage of hiring a Virtual Assistant?





Our Virtual Assistants can handle most tasks that doesn’t require them being at your physical office. Think of them as working at your satellite branch office. Unfortunately since our Assistants work remotely, they won’t be able to provide any delivery services or pick up food or coffee for you.

Our Assistants go through a screening process that measures their personality, skill set and work history. All of our Assistants are hand picked based on the type of company and work that they will be assigned to. In addition, most of our Assistants are young college grads that are up to date with technology and social media. We have been providing Virtual Assistants to companies for over a decade now which must mean that we are doing something right.


Our Virtual Assistant is your employee without all the overhead, human resources, taxes, insurance and workers comp costs. They will be incredibly valuable to you and your company, and the great thing about hiring our VAs is that as long as you’re our customer, you’ll always have a Virtual Assistant.


Lower Overhead: Since our Assistants work from our office, you save on overhead costs i.e. electricity, phone cost, computers, taxes and insurance.

Lower Labor Costs: We charge a flat monthly rate for our Full-time Virtual Assistants. Our monthly rate is lower than the minimum wage in most cities.

Flexibility: Ability to handle multiple tasks. Our Virtual Assistants will not just answer the phone for you or data enter, they’ll assist with lead generation, sales & marketing, customer services and accounting just to name a few.