There are always ways wherein you can attain the leverage of your business by not doing so much on your own. There is always a simple and systematized ways to attain it. We are not against sweet tales of Heroes that made it to the tops of their industry by doing all things on their own. What we believe is that these “Heroes” have the tendency to make everyone around them relies to what he do thus making everyone around him lazy. Here in our company we don’t want another hero withered due to overwork at least.

So in the good virtue vested to our core group and management we devised a plan to provide Virtual Assistance services so that businesses and executives, the so-called “Heroes”, won’t die on overwork and can focus on one goal which is leverage.


Here at Ameritech Global Assistance, we are providing options, solutions and key to business growth. Sounds ambitious? We think not, being in the Industry for almost a decade now and worked in the vast work of business we say “With all the highly skilled people and partners we have and providing solutions in its core we make anything possible”

The main reason we are introducing VAs to the different face of income-generating society is that we are capable and we aim real difference.


Ameritech Global Assistance is different in lots of aspects, however the best way we can differentiate our VAs to the rest out there is that we are very flexible and productive. Wandering why? We are flexible in a way that we can rather provide you establish teams or we can find a VAs suited perfectly to what you need. Lastly we are productive because we have done virtual jobs over a decade now and we are proud to say we are more concern in delivering results above everything else.