1. What is a Virtual Assistant?

  2. Virtual Assistants are highly skilled and trained professionals that provide administrative, operational, and personal support while working in long-term collaborative relationships. Our VAs work from a managed office environment where we provide all cutting edge technology equipments, intensive trainings, and supervision. Any on-site employees’ task or project can be accomplished by our very own VAs. It’s very easy to get started?
  3. How is your VAs different from the rest of the VAs out there?

  4. Aside from our dedicated employees themselves that will be attending to you here is a short list of how we are different:
    • Our VAs have intensive training conducted by our very own professional trainers which is different from anything elsewhere
    • In terms on our VA’s standards they are surely one of the best standards as they are professional themselves
    • VAs that we have are very professional and they are your equal in every conceivable way
    • One of the best and proper business sidekicks you can ever work with
    • VAs under our company knows what they are capable and understand perfectly what their limits are
    • Those VAs are profitable
    • They are dedicated workers and contracted to us so you can rest assured that they don’t do other assisting to other clients
    • We value long-term collaborative relationship above anything else
    • Our VAs are people of ethical standards
    • We care both ways, we run the business by taking responsibility to your businesses
    • Our VAs are engaged and invested
    • Our VAs work in the spirit of camaraderie thus they don’t believe in inside competition so its like you hire hundreds of them on your side
    • They can do quite number of tasks and more importantly they are not just a single person they are a lot
    • Yes there are other VAs out there but the best word you should here right now is what others and clients says about us.
  5. How do I get started?

  6. To get started, you may fill in the information needed in our order form that can be seen thru the website as well, you can also set up an appointment by choosing the date and time you want to be contacted by our service specialist. An initial contact may be done by our sales associate to give you a little overview on Ameritech Global Assistance as a whole.
  7. Do the assistant have great communication skill?

  8. Our virtual assistants were each part of a very diverse group. When you fill out our order form you will be asked to include the skill set you require for the task you want to be done by the Virtual assistants. Through this process we can assess the compatibility of our VAs to you. Our assistants have a various skills and specialty that greatly helps in the roles of sales and prospecting, marketing, administration, and IT support.
  9. What’s realistic in terms of how much time I might need from a VA?

  10. One is you might need a little or a lot. It will comes down to what you need to unload from your shoulder. A piece of advice we can share is to figure a list of everything you do that you didn’t need to do personally. Those are the ones you needed to delegate. To figure how much time needed you can time yourself. Chances are your VA can learn your business a bit faster that it takes for you to learn your business but that’s give you a hint of a number to use in the beginning.
    Next is that no matter how much you need, it comes down to a package you are willing to avail so you can delegate every tasks efficiently. That’s a benefit to you, because we can suggest and you can decide yourself what is feasible to your business.
  11. Can they make phone calls to the US?

  12. Yes calls anywhere are inclusive.
  13. Are the assistants fluent in English (no accent)?

  14. They speak English that is neutral. The most important is that they say it the right way not so particular to the right words. Each and every one of them is oozing with confidence.
  15. What is their educational level?

  16. Our Vas are at least graduate of 4 year University course and have backgrounds in marketing, sales, finance, public relations, programming, and design.
  17. Are they familiar with the US Culture?

  18. Yes absolutely. Most of them did US base jobs and are 100% familiar to the US culture.
  19. Who would work with a VA?

  20. Our VAs work all kinds of successful people and businesses. From authors, speakers, financial pros, realtors and brokers, solopreneurs, sales people, consultants, coaches, executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and big companies—anyone who understands the true value of time and consider time lost as wasted cost.
  21. How do you manage confidentiality?

  22. Before hiring applicants we have a very thorough hiring process that includes background checking. We are absolutely confident that all of them are trustworthy. We are currently working with big names and executives all around the globe that are very strict in security.
  23. How do you track time?

  24. We see progress rather that the time used. We can keep daily time reports and records and be sent to you to keep track of the activities your assistant worked on.
  25. What happens if I go over some hours?

  26. You’ll be notified by our customer relation officer and we’ll give you an option for an upgrade.
  27. What are their specialties?

  28. Some of our VAs have advance skills on several areas, however their main forte is to provide administrative and operational support. Hate to break it to you if you want to hire VAs to cost cut hiring professional you have to be smart enough to realize that however one good side of it is that your VA can get job done the way you instructed it to be.
  29. I might upgrade to full time in the following months, will my assistant be available?

  30. When it comes down to this you need not to worry we have pool of VAs that can be set as dedicated for your project or business only as long as you want to create a long lasting collaborative relationship. All we can say here is yes.
  31. Is the quality of the phone line always good?

  32. Yes we use all the high tech equipments at least I3 to I5 processors and 4GB ram for computers, we also have dedicated internet connection and the most important is we have phone systems that uses Voice Over IP (VOIP) that assure quality of your calls.
  33. Are there any additional costs in hiring your virtual assistants?

  34. No.
  35. Isn’t it more expensive than hiring an employee?

  36. That depends on how you value your time, and how easy you like your life to be. Hiring VA saves you from the expenses from hiring process, taxes, insurances and putting up physical office in a sense.
    While it’s true that VAs are never intended to be the low-cost alternative to get administrative and operational support. It was devised for the sole purpose of providing the most convenient alternative to having on-site or virtual employees providing that support.
    If you want more time for yourself to spend in ways that matter to you, then working with a VA is really a bargain.
  37. Can I pay via PayPal?

  38. Yes we made our past transactions through Paypal and yes we accept Paypal and you will be doing Paypal too.
  39. How involved is the company once I begin working with my Virtual Assistant?

  40. We in our company are very hands-on. We train our people personally in calls and we make suggestions to which our staff is best to suit your needs. In times of challenges we are readily available both to the clients and VA. As we’ve been in this business for over a decade, we have deep bank of knowledge that we are willing to share. We can suggest technologies that assist in bridging the gap between being virtual and being physically present, or point you in the right direction when an additional resource or referral is needed (graphics, website design, virtual reception, sales training, video production, etc.) We are with the VAs as they undergo re-trainings and updates in the new software available.